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The Income Accelerator: 7 Tools to Bring More Green Into Your Wallet and Life

Posted on Jan 25 2008

Understand What Money Is and How to Optimize Your Relationship With It Using the Law of Attraction

Of all the Universal Laws, the Law of Attraction is currently getting the most press. But how do you apply it to your business? How do you boost your earning power using this law?

First, you need to understand what money is and how to optimize your relationship with it.

Christine Comaford-Lynch is a high school dropout and multi-millionaire. She has built and sold five companies with an average 700% return on investment, invested in over 200 startups, including Google and has consulted to 700 of the Fortune 1000, 300 small businesses, and the Clinton and Bush administrations.

Within this multi-media program, including an audio interview, value-packed resources and an eBook, Christine will illuminate the Law of Attraction as it relates to money and you.

You will discover:

  • A three step process to recognize your identity to make progress, set goals and visualize success, which will then raise your awareness to see opportunities all around you. You’ll understand the significance of getting your GSD (Gets Stuff Done), which is the most important credential you’ll ever have.
  • Why supreme self-confidence is a “decision” you must come to realize before you demand “proof”.
  • How to boost your earning power using the Law of Attraction and working your “money mojo”.
  • The magnitude of the “Appreciation Bomb”.
  • An innovative technique known as the Prosperity Game.
  • Insight on the true meanings of Power, Prosperity and Peace.

The Income Accelerator with Christine Comaford-Lynch will give you a clearer conception about how to interact with money, how to be a steward of it, and how to respect it, so ultimately more comes your way. You CAN have it all—you just need to decide what it is you really want, and learn how to allocate your time and energy to focus in that direction. Christine wants to show you how!

Click here to learn more.

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