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Sell Wisely on Ebay With Market Research and Product Sourcing

Posted on Jul 28 2008

By Jenny How

What is product sourcing? Product sourcing basically means finding products to sell in your business whether offline or online.

Usually a product is bought at a wholesale price and then sold while keeping a profit margin.

For an internet marketer it is a significant issue since most of his success depends on good product sourcing. There are many other aspects that a marketer has to keep in mind and product sourcing is one of them.

Product sourcing can break or increases your profit margins, allows you to have flexibility in offering discounts to your customers and you can give tough competition to your peer sellers.

There are a few tips you can keep in mind when doing product sourcing for eBay. Unquestionably, try not to skim doing lots of research. It may seem tedious, time wasting and impossible, but this is the part which could make you money in the long run. Be the first few to find the product source for these demand products. Usually the easiest way to sell something online is by assessing what the market wants. How can you know?

On eBay find the ‘Hot items by category’ Find a hotitems.pdf file under the sellers central. You can see the Super Hot, Very Hot and Hot items based on the demands that customers make.

There’s another section called ‘eBay Pulse’ which lists out the words that have been used maximum number of times. You can specifically target the products on knowing these words. Just type pulse follow by dot, then ebay dot com. Several research tools are available that are provided by third party companies to assist you in finding what your customers are actually looking for. Famous ones being Terrapeak and Hammertap.

Many product sourcing companies comes with their in-house research tools too, like Worldwide Brands and Salehoo. I’m sure you have some ideas now on the possible products that you can sell to the market.

You can now start to look for products in the wholesale market. There is a huge range available but you have to be particular in selecting your inventory. The right inventory collection is the first step towards a successful online business. If committing to quantities and minimum orders is a problem to you, look under ‘eBay wholesale lots’ portal you will find items that are being sold at wholesale prices.

Here’s another place which can help you – ‘eBay reseller marketplace’ portal, where sellers are allowed to bid for those wholesale products that have offered for resale.

The ‘eBay Solutions Directory’ gives you a list of legitimate companies that will help you find reliable wholesale resources. Type solutions and then followed by the ebay url.

90-100% of all eBay sellers are holding secrets of their success. Nobody will ever reveal the source of there products upfront. And to find a location from where you get a stable supply of products can be a very challenging task. If you have just begun to sell online, always look for a local wholesalers.

A lot of patience is required in building your niche, but don’t give up!

Copyright (c) 2008 Jenny How

Jenny How is full time eBay Powerseller and blogger. Her latest book Learn To Sell On eBay In 7 Days reveals how she started an online niche business on eBay. You can download it free at

Article Source: Wisely on Ebay With-Market Research and Product Sourcing


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