Get Rich, Make Money
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Now is the Time To Buy Low so you can Sell High!

Posted on Dec 02 2008

If you are serious about getting rich, you understand the importance of buy low and sell high.  And most investors will say that they attempt to buy low and sell high, but the reality is just the opposite!  No matter what the investment, be it stocks, real estate, or gold, when prices are soaring, people are buying like crazy. Then, when the inevitable crash happens, those same people are rushing to sell. They have it all backwards!

The news media is no help. They are moaning and groaning about the plummeting DOW.  The Real Estate Market is down 30% in some areas, oh wow is me.  But the savvy investor is saying just the opposite.  Woo Hoo! The sales are on!  Now is the perfect time to buy stock and real estate.  There is just one caveat. Do your research, and be prepared to hold onto your investment until the next buying frenzy, when you can sell high.

One investment I would avoid buying right now… Gold.  It is bouncing off of highs right now, fueled by the uncertainty in the economy. Remember, the saying is buy low, SELL high. The economy will improve, it is only a matter of time, and the price of gold is sure to go down.

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