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No Excuses

Posted on Aug 14 2008

When it comes to making money, many people are full of ideas…and excuses. You hear it all the time. They say “I have this great idea, that could make me loads of money I just don’t have the money to make it work.” Or they might say “I have to work my regular job to pay the bills, so I just don’t have the time”, or some other excuse that keeps them from achieving their goals.

On the other hand, people who are serious about their dreams find a way to make it work. They don’t have time for excuses. They will find a way to get the money. To find the time they will give up TV, social activities, and even sleep, to turn their dream into reality. They don’t make excuses, they find solutions.

Now many people have a great idea for a website, but they don’t have the money for a domain and hosting. If this is your “excuse” I have found a solution for you. Microsoft® Office Live Small Business. They have everything you need to take your business online.

Sign up and you get a free top level domain, a free website, free email, free hosting, and more for as long as you want. I have had a free Microsoft Office website for a few years now and I can tell you it really is free and it comes with many valuable tools that will help you get your business online.

The downsides, well, you have to use their web design program, and there are some limitations into what types of ads you can put on your site, but you certainly can’t beat the price.

Now if you take my advice and sign up for your free Microsoft Office Website, then I’d like you to do one more thing. Create you website and then leave a comment here showing us what you did. Maybe you can inspire others to give up their excuses and create a great online business.


  1. michael wong says:

    Hi, was wondering if you’d like to exchange links with me?
    If yes, please leave your blog url as a comment at:
    I’ll link to you first, then when you have time link back k?
    Thanks, Michael
    BTW–I’m michaelwong38 on digg. If ever you want something dugg, just send me a shout anytime.

    michael wongs last blog post..What would you like to do today?

  2. Kathleen says:

    I signed up for my free website and it really is free! I still have a lot of work to do, but it is coming along. I hope to use the website to promote my accounting business.