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Making Money Online With Affiliate Marketing – Tips And Techniques

Posted on Feb 19 2008

Making Money Online With Affiliate Marketing – Tips And Techniques
By Justin Michael

Making money online with affiliate marketing always looks easy at first glance. However, it’s only easy once you learn the proper tools to ensure success. What follows are some basic methods and techniques to jump-start your income online.

A) First Steps To Be Taken

The basic premise of affiliate marketing is to make money promoting someone else’s product.

The most popular place to select an affiliate product from is Clickbank. There are thousands of different products ranging anywhere from nutritional supplements to search engine optimization e-books. All you need to do is register there for an account and then create your affiliate link for each product you select.

How do you when an affiliate product is worth it?

Make sure the commission you receive is at least 50% of what the selling price is. Also, you want to get paid at least $30 per sale, otherwise you won’t be making money online with affiliate marketing – your profit margins will be too small to continue your business.

B) What To Do Next?

After you’ve found a product that you think has value, make sure there is a demand for products of that type online. How do you do this? First you must think as a consumer, NOT a seller.

What kinds of keywords will your customer be using to search for the type of product you’re promoting?

How much will the customer be willing to spend?

Can your product help the potential customer?

Making money online with affiliate marketing becomes much easier if you ask yourself these types of questions first, before you start your promotion. It is imperative that you attempt to predict the mindset of the person you’re selling to so you can make sure you are putting the product in front of the right person. This will get you into profit more quickly.

C) Some Marketing Tips…

Article Marketing

Once you choose a product to promote, write as many reviews, commentaries or product descriptions as you can in order to get the word out there. Article marketing will easily be one of the most powerful methods you can implement for making money online with affiliate marketing. Not only does this increase your presence online, but it will help to solidify your credibility.

Oh yeah, in most cases article marketing is completely free!

Maximizing The Exposure Of Your Link

This is huge. Whenever you make a post in a forum, comment on a friend’s MySpace page, or even send an email to someone, always include your link. The more links you have out there the more money you’ll be making. People will often click on links out of curiosity.


Participate in as many forums as possible. Excite people about your opportunity and spread the word like a virus. The Internet is perfect for this kind of thing.

Lightning Quick Financial Success

The absolute most important element in making money online with affiliate marketing will come down to knowing how to market effectively. Marketing is the key to financial success online. If you don’t know how to drive targeted traffic to your site, you will fail.

If you learn to master online marketing then you will absolutely succeed!

About The Author:

Justin Michael is a top mentor in the home business industry and devotes his time and energy to helping others generate a 6-figure income working from home.

For information on how you can take control of your financial situation and achieve great wealth online, visit Justin at Perfect Wealth Formula or you may reach him at:


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  1. Capybara says:

    I found this article very interesting and will take on board a lot of what you say. Keep up the good work!