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Five Great Ways to Promote a Product

Posted on Feb 02 2008

Five Great Ways to Promote a Product
By Andre Sanchez

There are a number of ways to promote a product, but the five detailed here have been proved time and again to be effective in promoting any product by attracting visitors to your website. There are many others that also contribute to your overall success, but these are the five recommended techniques designed to have greatest effect in your promotional campaign.

Search engine optimization and marketing has been deliberately excluded since that takes time to become effective enough to help the immediate promotion of a product other than from a mature and developed website. Also excluded is email marketing using a list of email addresses that has been built up over a period of time. That too takes time, and this list is of ways that anybody could use to promote their product, with or without their own list.

The first thing you need (after the product of course) is a website, because without a website you will find it difficult to promote anything other than a third party’s affiliate product. We are assuming here that you are trying to promote your own product. There are a number of web hosts you can use for this ranging from a few dollars monthly to around $25, for which you should get a fully functional automated system with website design software included.

Article Marketing

Once you have your website, you should write articles on the topic of your product, and submit them to as many article directories as possible while including a link to your website in the author’s resource box. This link should lead directly to a page relevant to the topic of the article, which should also contain a link to the sales page for the product. You could also link straight to the sales page – the choice is yours.

Article marketing provides you with two benefits: direct visitors that have read the articles and clicked on the link, and also links back to your website from the directories. The article must be relevant to the product, and be written well enough to persuade the reader to want to click for more information.

Joint Ventures

You can take advantage of the lists that others have built up over time by offering an incentive in return for your JV partner offering your product to their lists. There are a number of ways in which you can set a JV partnership up, although the best is probably to offer the prospective partner something without initially requesting anything in return. For example, you could offer a free report on your niche that the other party could offer free on a newsletter or ezine, or offer a free piece of software that you have found useful.

Once the initial contact has been made, however, you will eventually have to set the partnership up. Your prospective partner will expect at least a free evaluation version of your product, and a good incentive for offering it to their list. A 60% share of the sales price would be an example of such an incentive. Not only that, but the product would have to be worthy of their reputation, so don’t even attempt to enter into a joint venture with anybody if your product is not of the highest standard. Once set up, however, a JV can make a massive difference to your income.

Ezine Advertising

Ezine advertising can be a very lucrative way of promoting a product, especially if yours is a niche product. This is because ezines tend to deal with a specific niche, and your adverts are likely to be exposed to a highly focused readership. You should check out the ezines that cater for your niche and find out what their readership and advertising costs are. Ideally you want a high readership and low advertising cost, but you can often knock something off the price by offering the ezine owner either a free copy of the product or a proportion of the sales made from their readership.


Lots of people read blogs, and blogging is a sure-fire way of reaching a wide audience of people with your product. You can use your blog to advertise your product directly, or to present a problem and then propose your product as a solution. Ping your blog to as many social bookmarking sites as you can, and advertise in your own page in MySpace and Facebook, and any other Web2 sites that you belong to. Make sure that your product is mentioned in each blog post you make, either in the post or on the sidebar. You could also have a permanent page reviewing your product.

Pay Per Click Advertising

The fifth in this list of ways in which to promote a product is by PPC advertising. Programs such as Google Adwords are often ignored by some people because they cost money. However, if properly managed they can be very effective, especially if you know how to write an advert so as to ensure that only those interested specifically in your type of product will click on the link.

If you are selling red square widgets, then don’t advertise just widgets, or even red widgets. Offer red square widgets, and then people will know exactly what they will find on your website. Too many people lose money through clicks being made by people wanting red round widgets when your advert suggests that you might supply them.

These are five great ways to promote a product, and if you can learn how to use these effectively, you will find that they will comprise the bulk of your promotional effort. Other minor methods might also contribute, but the bulk of your sales will come from these.

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  1. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Chris Tackett

  2. Hi Andre, you are right, these are great ways to market a product. Each one of them can be a full time job on its own if you let it get away with you. Yes there are loads of other ways to market, but these ways are tried and tested as excellent ways to do your promotions. Most people making money online seem to be using a combination, if not all of these methods.