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3 Tips to Make More Money from AdSense

Posted on Jan 22 2008

3 Tips to Make More Money from AdSense
By Michael Mj Jones

AdSense can be an exciting way to make money from your website or blog, because it takes very little effort on your part. You essentially just “set it and forget it”, and let AdSense do all the work while you focus on creating great content for your readers. But are you making as much money as possible from your ads? If not, here are some tips to help you make more money from AdSense.

The first tip is to place your AdSense ads where they can be easily seen. If you want to make more money from AdSense, then you should carefully consider where you place your ads on your web page or blog. Many website owners simply put the ads along the top of the page; however, this is often not the best placement for your ads, because many people have become so used to seeing ads there, that their eyes automatically skip that part of the page.

Instead, you should place your ads somewhere where your readers’ eyes naturally follow as they are reading your content. For example, you could place your ads in a sidebar on the right side of the page. In the English language and some other languages, people read from the left to the right side of the screen, so their eyes will be naturally drawn to the ads in the right sidebar. Of course, if you are writing in a language that reads from right to left, you would want to place the ads in a sidebar on the left instead.

Another option is to place the ads within your text – that is, between paragraphs or directly beside the text. This will make the ads more visible to your readers, so you will get more clicks and make more money from AdSense.
The second tip to make more money from AdSense is to make sure your ads are well integrated into your web pages. You don’t have to make your ad text and link colors the same as the rest of your site – in fact, this can sometimes make your ads less visible – but you do want to make sure the appearance of your ads makes sense within the design of the rest of your site.

Your text and link colors should at least compliment your web site design. Otherwise, your site will look unprofessional, and people will not want to visit the ad links.

The third tip to make more money from AdSense is to continually test variables of your pages and make adjustments when necessary. If you are not testing the placement, number, and color of your AdSense ads, you are potentially leaving money on the table.

Testing is one of the most important ways to optimize your income, and can make the difference between earning a few dollars a month and earning a full time income from AdSense.

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